5 Simple Ways to Fill Your Wardrobe with Sustainable Clothing

Consumers these days are more aware about the effects of the waste products that are disposed to the environment. This includes the chemicals from products that people use and even those unused clothing that is disposed by their past owners. Some of these materials don’t decompose and just accumulate in the environment, causing harm to the people around it.

One of the industries that have made a huge change for a greener world is the fashion industry. Today, there are already sustainable clothing pieces that are better than the usual clothes manufactured before. Be a more responsible consumer and help take care of the environment by filling up your wardrobe with sustainable clothing. Here’s how to do it.

Check the Label

When shopping for clothes, one of the important things you should do is to check the label first before buying it. If you’re aiming for a sustainable wardrobe, you should go for clothing made from natural fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, Tencel, and bamboo fabric such as this bamboo underwear. Some of the materials you should avoid are polyester, acrylic and spandex since they are not natural and biodegradable fabrics. Clothes that are made from sustainable fabrics may cost more than the usual but they are surely durable and safe for the environment in long term.

Buy Less and Make Them Last

Another great shopping tip if you want a sustainable wardrobe is to buy less clothes and make these pieces last. Don’t treat clothes like disposable items. Treat them as an investment – choose the best quality pieces that you really love and wear them numerous times, not just once. Aside from saving up more, you can also help lessen unused clothes that are just disposed away. If you see an outfit that you like, ask yourself first if you’re planning to wear it for many times. If it is a yes, then it is a good choice.

Buy Local

Buying locally made products means that you are supporting the local economy and the business owners in their endeavours to make a change in the local industry. Aside from that, local products only undergone a shorter manufacturing and supply chain. This means that there is lesser waste produced during the manufacturing process plus it is easier to trace where the raw materials have come from.

Buy Vintage or from Charity

Buying from charity, second-hand or vintage shops save the environment from disposing unused clothes into landfills. Instead of adding to the waste in the environment, other people can still make good use of it. Second-hand items are also cheaper than brand new ones, helping you save a lot in your shopping costs. All you need is much time and patience to choose the pieces that suits your fashion style.

Inspire Yourself

If you want to switch to a sustainable wardrobe, the first thing you need to do is surround yourself with inspiration. Fill your social media with feeds from sustainable clothing brands rather than those fast-fashion outlets. That way, your view in fashion will slowly change into a more sustainable one.

Switching into a sustainable wardrobe may sound daunting but it is achievable if you give your time and resources to it.

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