Different Counter Surveillance Techniques to Keep You Safe

Anyone can be a victim of surveillance or spying. This kind of technique is usually used by people to know more information about you and use it to their advantage. There are plenty of ways to spy on a person – from hidden cameras, listening devices, transmitting devices, and a lot more. If you feel that you are being spied on, the best thing you could do is to counter their techniques. Here are some of the most effective counter surveillance tactics to help protect your information and privacy.

Do Your Own Covert Surveillance

One of the first things you could do to protect yourself from being spied on is to have your own covert surveillance. You can do this with the help of surveillance devices. For instance, if you install a CCTV around your property, you’ll know what is happening around especially when you’re not at home. You could also capture any unusual activity in your property at any time of day. Another way is to install a video doorbell system to capture images of people who walk up to your doorstep and do unusual or illegal activities.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures or TSCM is a process that involves inspecting and checking a property to look for hidden bugs or other spying devices. You can do it yourself by getting detection equipment and thoroughly searching your place for spy bugs. However, most detection devices only work with basic bugs.

To be sure that nothing gets past your security measures, hiring a professional bug sweeping service is the best you could do. They could detect even the most sophisticated spy devices that can’t be caught by store-bought detection equipment. For efficient spy camera detection and other counter surveillance measures, book an appointment with one of Australia’s best.

Software Countermeasures

Aside from bugging your home or office, another easy way to spy on people is thru the internet. Cyber-attacks can be done over the internet and gaining access to your personal computer, mobile phone, and other gadgets that has an internet connection.

Once the hacker has breached your cyber security wall, it will be easy for them to go through your personal data such as passwords, accounts, confidential files, and many more. To be safe from this kind of attacks, it is recommended that you conduct a regular cyber TSCM measures to detect this kind of illegal activity early on.

Securing a Space Using Structural Countermeasures

If you’re company conducts private meetings from time to time especially when the competition is at high stakes, it is essential to have a secure meeting room where you could discuss all the confidential matters. Structural countermeasure is focused on securing an area by installing anti-spying structures. From electromagnetic shielding to strict access, you can keep that place safe against people who are spying from afar.

If you feel you are being spied on, seek professional advice from a counter-surveillance company to clarify whether your suspicions are real and what to do next.

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