Dos and Don’ts in Residential Fish Tank Maintenance [The 2020s Guide]

If you’ve already got your tank set up – congratulations! You’re past the hard stage, onto a little bit of a more complicated stage. The truth is that it doesn’t require that much knowledge to maintain a fish tank, let alone an aquarium compartment, thanks to modern technology. But what’s difficult is getting that technology right.

Thus, let us find out some of the most prominent dos and don’ts in maintaining a fish tank.

Do Change the Filtering Media Timely

Words can’t say just how important it is to replace carbon every 1-2 months of time. At the same time, ceramic noodles and rings tend to last much longer, even up to 2 years.

Sponges on the other hand better are replaced either semi-annually or annually. Because the bottom line is that, if you didn’t change the filtering components of the tank, the fish are going to suffocate.

Don’t Forget to Include an Oxygen Pump

Fish need oxygen and they have two main methods of consuming it – the first one is by coming to the surface, and the other method is by the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The most practical way of doing this is by installing an oxygen pump. But be careful in choosing the compatibility of the air stones since that’s where most people get it wrong.

Don’t Ignore the Role of Conditioners

It’s alarming how some people have not even heard of conditioners. Because the role of an aquarium water conditioner is to neutralize the unnecessary dissolved metals and chlorine. But how come the same water that we drink is harmful to fish?

This is due to the proportional compatibility whereas while the dissolved chlorine is definitely healthier for us, it’s deadly for fish. Thus, if you presumed that your job was done after installing an oxygen pump, you should look into it again.

Do Have the Ideal Lightning Inside

This goes without saying – if you didn’t have enough lighting inside the tank almost all the time, the fish will have a hard time seeing since they’re not like deep-sea creatures. On the flip side, the heat emitted from the lights helps you maintain the temperature of the water as well.

Do Consider the Nature of the Aquatic Body

Is it a pond or a fish tank? Because if it’s a pond, everything you’d have to use for the same processes as in a fish tank would be quite different. Because at the end of the day, when the nature of the aquatic surroundings changes, the biological reactions change, and we need to adapt accordingly.

Do Maintain an Equally Better Quarantine Tank

It’s necessary to have a quarantine tank to treat ill fish and when you’re cleaning your tank. But how many of us take care of the quarantine tank just as well as the main tank? Sudden changes to foreign environments can be quite shocking to fish and it’s better to make the change a favorable one.

Final Thoughts

Efforts say nothing but just how much you care about a bunch of fish who probably don’t ever see you. But that’s what life is all about doing what makes us happy, even if no one acknowledges it.

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