High Watt Vaping with Box Mods: A Quick Guide

Before this whole pandemic situation occurred, it was projected that the number of vapers in Europe alone would rise to around 55 million by 2021.

This is mainly because vaping is gaining traction due to its image as an alternative to smoking. Anyone making a switch will have obvious questions. Some of these are what type of vape or vape juice I buy and so on.

Box mod vapes are one of the most popular types of vapes and is names as such due to its unique boxed shape. They are known for their extreme modifications and high-capacity batteries paired with either mouth to lung tanks or sub-ohm tanks. A typical box mode will use a single, double or triple 18650 cells while some other use battery cells such as 21700 or 20700.

Compared to vape pens, box mods are different due to their durability and longer lasting massive batteries. Box mods are perfect for vapers who like to customize their vapes.

Why are box mods so popular?

Vaping embraces technology so unlike just lighting a cigarette and pulling a hit, people are fascinated by the technology involved inside vapes. This true for all types of vapes but box mods are a more advanced type of vape therefore people are even more fascinated by the fact that they can control everything according to their wants and needs.

Vapers can control power or wattages that is supplied to an atomizer and therefore can increase or decrease the cloud production and flavour according to their liking. The temperature of the vapor can be adjusted too so for cold flavours you can really taste the icy vapor.

Most vapers like the throat hit and the high wattage throat hit can be controlled by using a box mod. Most box mods also have screens and several other features compared to a smaller mini vape mod.

What type of atomizers are compatible with box mods?

There are 4 main types of atomizers available that compatible with box mods,

Dry Herb Atomizer

This type of atomizer as the name suggests can be used to vaporize dry herbs. Vaping dry herbs help remove all the carbon dioxide and carcinogenic content. This type of atomizer is a low wattage atomizer, and the recommended wattage is between 7 to 12 watts.

Wax Atomizer

This type of atomizer pairs nicely with box mods. This is because wax requires heat so that it can melt and then more heat is required for it to vaporize so therefore a box mod can provide this high wattage sufficiently.

The recommended wattage is between 18 to 25 watts.

Oil Atomizer

This type of atomizer is quite new to the market and also pairs nicely with box mods. Oil atomizers come as cartridges and can hold power for a long time when couples with box mods.

E-juice Atomizer

The most common type of atomizer for box mods are e-juice atomizers. The higher the wattage, the higher the vapor clouds produced.

Some e-juice atomizer can go up to around 200 watts.

So, if you plan on producing massive clouds and you like to be in control of everything, then a box mod might be an ideal setup for you.

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