How to Style Your Bed Like a Designer?

Have you found yourself gawking at videos and photos on social media of stylishly turned-out bedrooms and beds that seem like they flew out of some upmarket glossy magazine? Well, you are not alone. With more and more content from designers posted online, we are exposed to what our bedrooms and beds can be. With this flurry of content around us, we are increasingly influenced to become a little more indulgent and extravagant with our sleeping arrangements. 

A bed is a place of rest, our sanctuary away from the hectic world around us and it deserves to be treated with more thought and respect. Understanding this emerging need in people, manufacturers and marketers are constantly enhancing and innovating a slew of products to help us do just that. Additions like a body pillow and mattress topper among others are modern accessories designed to elevate our level of comfort.  

Here are the steps to making your bed magazine worthy. Remember to give thought to the colours, textures and prints in line with the colour scheme of your bedroom

Your bed skirt should be the first step

It is a good way to conceal storage underneath your bed or a bed frame that doesn’t match the look and feel you are hoping to achieve with your bed linen.

Then start with your base layers

Start by placing a mattress topper, this is a thin 2–4-inch pad that is designed to provide you with an extra layer of comfort. Then place the mattress cover over the topper. The dimensions of the cover must be correct to provide maximum protection and to keep it slip-free. The cover is designed to protect your mattress from spills, sweat and grime.

Now comes the sheets

First, place the fitted sheet and pull and tuck beneath the mattress on all four sides to achieve a wrinkle-free bed top. Next, place the flat sheet, check to see if the sheet hangs evenly on both sides of the bed and has enough sheet hanging at the bottom of the bed for tucking in, and tuck the sheet underneath the mattress. Printed sheets should be draped with the print side down.

Next place the duvet or quilt on the bed and make sure there is an equal amount of the quilt or duvet hanging on either side of the bed. You can choose to tuck the two sides under the mattress or leave them hanging loose. Next, fold the top of the duvet/quilt along with the flat sheet back to reveal the print.

Pillows are next

Lay them between the folded quilt/duvet and the headboard in a way you prefer. To achieve a true designer look, go for a couple of euro-pillows right at the back and then place two standard pillows in front of them. You may want to add one or two more pillows for a decorative effect to add a pop of colour.

Complete the look by adding a throw blanket with nice colour and print that matches.

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