Is Using a Duvet Cover Better Than a Comforter?

If you are a new homeowner and you and you have started buying all of the things that you need at home, you might be overwhelmed at the various choices when it comes to bed linens. It might come as a surprise especially when you don’t know the difference between a bedsheet, mattress cover, mattress protector, duvet, doona, comforters, blankets, throw, etc. You have to do your research beforehand to know which of these bed linens would suit your requirements, references, and of course budget.

For now, we would be focusing first on the differences between duvet covers and comforters and which one should you use.

Duvet covers

Duvet, doona covers, or quilt covers are the same and are preferred by most homeowners. This is because of their flexibility. They are easier to use and clean. When you purchase a duvet cover, you need to have a quilt inside which would provide warmth during colder seasons. There are also quilts designed to be used during summer, that are more reasonable, lighter, and thinner than those quilts used during winter.

Duvet covers are preferred primarily because when you need to wash them you would not need to wash the quilt inside, just the cover. With this, washing and cleaning them are easier compared to washing heavy quilts or comforters. Duvet covers are also more affordable than when you get tired of how they looked, you could easily replace them. You would not need to worry about spending so much if you want to replace your existing duvet cover.


Comforters on the other hand are preferred by those who want a no-nonsense approach when it comes to their bedding. Just lay it down and it’s good to go unlike with quilts wherein you need to put it inside a quilt cover.

Although cleaning and washing comforters could be trickier than duvet covers since some of these comforters could be thicker and heavier and would not fit in any washing machine. There are other comforters that could only be cleaned professionally or dry cleaning which is an additional expense. Although there are comforters that are lightweight which are easier to wash and dry.

Best of Both Worlds

If you could not decide whether a duvet cover or comforter is better, why not buy both? You could enjoy the advantages of using both. You could use the comforter as it is or if you don’t want to wash the comforter, slip it inside the quilt cover and the comforter would be protected from accidental spills or from sweat.

Although, you have to be careful when you purchase duvet cover and comforter since comforters are generally bigger than duvet covers and the duvet cover you want to purchase might not be able to accommodate the comforter you want to buy.

When you go shopping for bed linens, your primary concern should be how it would help you have a good sleep every time. Touch it and run your fingers through it to determine its softness and if the product is not made out of scratchy materials.

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