Key Elements of Great Greeting Cards

The variety of greeting cards that you can find on the market is endless. There are so many companies big and small that are dedicated to creating truly remarkable cards and these can be displayed by the recipients as well to give them a boost at the beginning of the day.

Greeting cards are a way of sending your love and letting a person know that you are thinking of them. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time from your side. However, it is something more personal than just sending a text or a message through social media. This is something that the recipient can actually hold and it will last a little longer. And it is a bit of an experience as well. While with a text, you are immediately notified of the core message, with a greeting card, you will be able to enjoy a lovely patterned envelope and touch the textures and see the colours of the card. Once you open it, there can be a lovely message inside in the handwriting of the person who has sent it. It is more of a personal touch that makes you feel extra special.

When choosing a greetings card, look for something that has an eye catching design element or colours that immediately grab your attention. Consider the pattern of the font and how it expresses the tone of the message you want to convey. The colours, design elements, fonts etc. all give an indication of the message. And you don’t need to stick to stereotypical colours and themes. The top third of the card is very important as this will carry the message. Whether it is a design element or a text, this is what should take centre stage in the front of the card. You can always go for minimal greeting cards but consider choosing interesting visual elements that will interest the recipient. The size of the font and the design elements are also important.

Many greeting cards come with a copy and a design that have a common theme. Good writing is a major part of the card. Generally people tend to go for a card that has a brief written phrase or text that they can also add to. Sometimes the phrase at the front of the card is completed once you open the card to the copy. When selecting a humorous card, look for writing and design that both achieve the goal. There has to be a personal touch in the card as well.

There has to be space on the card to add personal touches such as hand lettering and even a funny doodle. Think of the proportions of the card and how that creates blank space that you can fill. Sometimes, greeting cards only carry a design on the outside while the inside remains quite plain. Look for cards that come with a design on the inside as well that signify a depth of creativity. And it can help the card look a little more filled up.