Maintaining your Wooden Furniture

So, you’ve got yourself some very expensive wooden furniture. Fantastic! We’re glad that you are taking your home furniture very seriously. But let’s be frank for all the benefits that wooden furniture gives your home, be it the amazing look and feel, the durability, the sustainability, and the uniqueness. Wooden furniture is pretty expensive, and if you’re like most people you are now noticing a distinct hole in your wallet. That’s alright. Good things often come at a price, but your responsibility is now in maintenance and upkeep so that you can protect your investment for the years to come and make sure that you can even give it to your kids.

If you’re looking for more wooden furniture to populate your house with, we can recommend timber furniture for their great quality products and the fine craftsmanship that they put into their work. Wood itself is quite resilient and can last for generations if maintained properly which is why the trick when taking care of wooden furniture is to remember less is more.

What you want to do initially is to wipe it down with a cloth. When cleaning the furniture, you don’t start off with a lot. Simply take some warm water and some dishwashing liquid to wipe it and you’ll be good to go. Don’t worry unless the wood is unfinished, water will not harm it or cause it to rot in any way, just remember to not soak the wood for a long period of time and you will be ok. You can use a toothbrush for the areas that are harder to reach, and you can wipe off the dirt with some soft cloth.

After the cleaning process, you will want to protect the shine with a soft paste wax. This will keep the wood shiny and lustrous. Apply it as directed on the packaging and buff it off also as directed. If don’t correctly you will find that the shine lasts for months. The next tip is more of a preventative measure and that is to keep the furniture away from the harsh rays of the sun. The sun will potentially heat up the wood to too high of a temperature and you will find that the paint on the wood begins to thin and gray out, and the wood itself will begin to crack and chip which can make the wood seem past its prime. If the wood is destined to constantly stay outside, you can use tablecloths to prevent direct exposure to the sun.

Humidifiers are also an important tool in the mix because using one can assist in keeping the moisture levels of the wood at optimum levels during dry winter months. If you don’t use a humidifier consistently you will find that the wood in your home begins to wither slightly and crack, leading to unsightly furniture that leaves you with feelings of regret. So that’s it, those are the ways you can look out for your furniture and leave them looking beautiful year-round.

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