Safety Comes First, Whether It’s You or Your Vehicle

Trekking and camping are super fun. And who doesn’t love adventure and getting some time out of their busy schedules to do something exciting?

On a boring Sunday, such outdoor activities will not only lighten your mood but also bring you close to your friends or families. 

On usual occasions, you would pack with yourselves, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp chairs, camp table or picnic table, lamps, kitchen supplies and so much more, when you head for camping. And all this could be pretty dangerous on a rocky mountainous road.

Imagine if you suddenly pull the brakes, things could come flying across from the rear part of the vehicle to the front and hit you on your head, and bam! You end up in a hospital with a head injury caused due to the knocking of the chair, or maybe you get taken aback and hit another vehicle. Neither remains the trip you got all excited about nor remains your head, well could be a possibility.

Some options you can use

But hold on, we could save your trip! All you need is just one product that could save; you, your trip, and prevent your family from getting harmed. A cargo barrier is a great accessory for your vehicle.

These are used to keep luggage, bags, pets, furniture in the back of your vehicle, enabling safety measures at all times for the passengers seated at the front of the vehicle. In the occurrence of sudden brakes or car crashes, it blocks the objects placed behind from rolling over onto the front. 

In cases of barricading pets, it keeps them safe from car crashes as they will remain in the rear rather than flying out to the front mirror.

There are several types of barriers having different features; 

Full Mesh- Passenger vehicle

This is made using mesh, including cut-outs that are for child restraints, installed according to the requirements of the vehicle.

Full Polycarbonate

It is made out of polycarbonate that enhances the air conditioning. It is also more transparent in comparison to the other.

Sliding door

It allows passengers to walk through the door from the front seat to the rear of the vehicle. Thus, it is mostly suitable for large vehicles.

Metal/mesh combo

It is built using mesh and a sheet of metal at the bottom, which provides extra safety to the passengers if there are heavy objects placed at the bottom of the barrier.

However, there are many more, such as Full-mesh, gap, metal polycarbonate, vapor resistant barrier, conversion, half barrier, etc.

It usually takes up to two hours maximum to install a standard barrier depending on the complexity level and the number of mounts that have to be attached.

There are barriers available for all types of vehicles. Any vehicle can benefit from these and provide safety for them. 

Universal barriers are quite an affordable choice, which fits most of the vehicles and is super easy to install. Although, it may have poor fitting abilities for some models. However, there are custom fit barriers that are tailored to fit any vehicle and can bear any amount of load.

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