Tips for Choosing Burrito Fillings

Burritos are a versatile dish and they can be made with a variety of flavours from traditional Mexican flavours to creative possibilities. There are so many options you can experiment with but you need to find the right combination of fillings to create a truly delicious burrito.

You have to think about the flavour profile when choosing the filling

You can combine flavours like tangy, sweet, spicy and savoury. You can start by choosing classic Mexican flavours using seasoned grilled beef or chicken fillings along with guacamole, rice pinto beans and salsa. You can also choose milder flavour profiles to get your palate accustomed to a variety of flavours. To start with, you can choose grilled vegetables and black beans combined with an avocado sauce. And when you are building up to spicy flavours, you can go for fillings like jalapenos, marinated spicy pork and chipotle sauce. You can also look for burrito recipes that use international flavour profiles. For example, you can experiment with a Mediterranean inspired filling that uses roasted vegetables, hummus and falafel.         

Think about the textures that make up your burrito

In addition to the taste, the different combinations of textures can also elevate your burrito game. You need to balance the chewy and soft textures and add touches of crunchy and crispy elements as well. As an experiment, you can first categorise your fillings according to crunchy, chewy and soft and choose ingredients that fall into these boxes. But don’t forget to choose ingredients that combine well together when it comes to the flavour profile. For example, you can combine grilled meat with refried beans or sautéed vegetables with rice. And the crunch can be provided by crispy fried tortilla chips or shredded lettuce. And if you want a bit of strong flavour through the crunch, diced onions are a great option as well. Other ingredients that can improve burrito texture are fresh cilantro and diced tomatoes.

The colours of the ingredients are also important as you eat with your eyes as well as the mouth

Think of how you can add colour to your fillings to make a very appealing burrito. Some of the ingredients you can use to add this vibrancy are purple cabbage, red and yellow bell peppers. And they will also bring in different flavours. You can choose a different filling each time so that you get a diverse range of nutrients. Another important factor to think about is the level of moisture in your combination of ingredients. It is never a good experience to eat a dry or soggy burrito. The ingredients that are rich in moisture and will help bind the burrito are creamy sauces, guacamole or salsa. And you can combine them with ingredients of low moisture such as roasted vegetables and grilled meat. You should always consider your family’s dietary needs and personal preferences when choosing fillings. For example, you can choose vegetarian options or protein packed options. And you can also experiment with different spices and sauces to find combinations you will love.