Ways to Take Care of a Bird

Having a pet provides a range of benefits. It can increase the opportunity to do any exercise or physical activity as well as interact with other people. Playing with your pets can lower blood pressure and stress levels. Moreover, it is a great companion, especially if you live alone.

On the other hand, it can carry germs that can make you ill. So, before adopting a pet, know that you have to love and take care of it, to help you and your family stay healthy while enjoying it. If you have limited space and mobility, a bird is the best option for you. If you’re clueless on how to take care of it, read everything below.

Choose the Right Bird Cage

Bird care begins with home for your bird. Birds require a good environment that offers a space to rest, and a place to exercise and play. Its home can be an aviary or a bird cage. If you like the latter, make sure that it’s as spacious as possible, this is especially essential for birds that will spend most of their time in a bird cage. The birds should be able to flap their wings properly. Make it to a point that there are horizontal bars on the side, particularly for birds that love to climb. You can have a playpen outside the bird cage where they can play with bird toys, too.

Bird Food and Supplements

Birds need good nutrition, which is a diet that’s created for them that can be of help to have a balanced diet. The right food for birds is bird seed and a wide range of grains. Fresh produce like green vegetables and fruits can be given to your birds as well. Also, get some bird healthcare items like bird wormer and vitamins/minerals supplements.

Bird Exercise

Like human beings and other animals, birds need exercise, as well. It can keep your bird happy and healthy. They’re social and they love to play, so shop for bird toys that are safe, and will provide entertainment, for sure. Some of the best bird toys to acquire are ladders and swings. Also, birds love a bath. Hence, place a bath at the bottom of the cage that will allow them to bathe and create a splash.

Keep Your Bird Safe

Just like other pets, you have to keep your bird safe. Don’t leave the doors and windows unattended. Your bird will fly out on an opened door or window, and you will never see it ever again. Watch out for the ceiling fan, too. See to it that it isn’t running or else your bird will be injured. In addition to that, check your plants. Don’t let your birds consume any toxic plants such as azaleas, daffodils, and lily-of-the-valley.

Socialize with your Bird

Spend time with your bird. Understand its behaviour, especially if it’s a wild bird. Allow it to join you during family gatherings so it will be closer to you.

There are different types of birds, and all of them make amazing pets.

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