Why Live in Northcote?

Nothing beats the suburbs when it comes to a peaceful life. It is not as busy and hectic as an urban place but is not that far from the city as well so you can still enjoy a bit of city life. If you’re looking for a good suburb area to move into, Northcote is one of the best you could have.

Although it is a suburb, it has a village vibe where hipsters of long ago have settled. This place is well known for music and arts because of the events that showcase their artists as well as musicians. Read along to learn more about the best things you could expect from this lovely suburb.

Experience the Northside Culture

Northcote has this natural artsy vibe because of the people who are living there. You can definitely feel it even as you wander along the streets or exploring up to the High Street. There are plenty of art venues you could visit this place. From indie art galleries, cinemas, acting studios, and live band performances, there are definitely a lot of fun places you could visit when you’re in Northcote.

Head Up to Thornbury

As you go through High Street, you’ll reach a popular place called Thornbury. If you’re looking for more fun, Thornbury is definitely a place you should visit. There are lots of activities you could enjoy there as food-truck feasts and beer gardens.

If you’re looking for something more classic, have a cellar tour instead and try out local and international craft beers that they are proud of. There are also plenty of good restaurants around this area that serves both local and international cuisine, perfect to fill your tummy after a day of exploring.

Accessible Health Services

Wherever you go, you and your family’s health is one of the most important things you should look out for. Northcote almost has all the types of essential health services that you need – from general family health care up to specialist services such as physical therapy. If you’re looking for quality physiotherapy services near Northcote, this clinic is really worth visiting. You can definitely take care of yourself healthfully because you can easily access many health services from this place.

Fun Shopping Experience

When going around the emporia, it is really hard not to spend anything with the variety of product display you can see. You can find almost all kinds of products here – from lovely outfits, local fashion, vintage stuff, surplus, plants, home accessories, and a lot more.

You can surely find something that suits your taste when you go around strolling in the Northcote shopping district. After exploring, there are plenty of good shops that could fill your tummy with delicious food, whether you just want a snack or a main meal.

Northcote is definitely a great place to live if you’re looking for a fun yet peaceful vibe. If you’re considering a place to settle in, you should never miss out this place from your list.

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